December 14, 2018
"Prime Zulu"
TDM Music Group

Prime Zulu never sung as a youngster, his passion was soccer and sports. Primes father had a huge love of music and would often pick up the guitar at home and sing when prime was growing up. Prime completed school in 2006 and wanted to follow a career in graphic design, however there was no funds at home for him to further his studies, and while all his friends went on to further their education, reached one of the lowest points of his life believing there was no future for him.

In 2007 Prime suddenly woke up with a song in his head that he just could not wait to sing. He had no idea where it had come from, and he was terrified at his new hunger he had for sound. He did this new passion from his family thinking music would never be his career path, but at the same time went to any venue in the township that would have him just to get an opportunity to sing.
In 2007 not understanding music, prime heard about kcap in KwaMashu and began to perform and learn stage musicals. It was here that he first performed in a production called Madam President, which saw him on stages like The playhouse and Sibaya Casino.
It was only after he auditioned in 2009 for idols and made it through that his family discovered how talented he actually was, it was also when the nation first heard him sing and many were bitterly disappointed when he was knocked out.
In 2010 Prime went back to idols, and this time he made it through to the top 35, but found in his final performance things went wrong and his idols season ended. For Prime though it was during this final stage that he got on his knees and asked god to direct him and his path, and although disappointed he believed god has something bigger and better planned for the talent Prime firmly believes ‘god awoke in him’. Prime went on in February 2011 to perform on TV for a Soweto TV production called street Radio, He got to sing with The Parlotones, and has also been part of many outreach programs in KwaMashu. Prime is often asked to perform at local schools to inspire young people who know him from TV and look up to him. Prime looks forward to every opportunity to be a positive role model to children that have had the same hard background as him.
In 2012 Prime talent did not go unnoticed as he was signed under the label TDM MUSIC GROUP as their first talent. Since then Prime’s carer has been growing strength to strength getting to do collaborations with artist to fight against Xenophobia. In early 2015 Prime was featured in a song called ‘ I AM A CHAKLAS’ , the song was released on iTunes and sold just over 500 downloads in one month. Prime is currently working on his EP to be released in April 2016 under the label TDM MUSIC GROUP.
Music is my passion and my daughter is my motivation for success in the music industry.

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