Tdm Music Group

Tdm Music Group Offers:

  • Excellent team and management
  • Talent Management Expertise
  • Top of the art production house
  • Best Studio facilities
  • Unwavering commitment to our artists and projects


  • Music recording
  • Artist Management
  • Publishing
  • Digital Distribution
  • Music PR,  Talent Scouting and development

Tdm music group is a group made up of vibrant individuals who are passionate about music and production.  Tdm group was formed in 2014 by Sabelo Kheswa who is also known in the music industry as ‘The Dushman’.  The group has since then signed 5 artists under its staple and has released 3 singles with videos over the years.   Our focus as Tdm music group is to harness talent amongst the youth, nurturer and develop it, after which we expose it within the music industry using various resources such as PR and Marketing.

  • Our Purpose is to establish a stable and solid foundation that can serve as an incubation for young artists to develop and make their way to the top in the music industry. We work to see our artists reaching their full potential whilst giving them the necessary support.
  • Our Values are in ensuring that our artists and clients are kept satisfied by offering them the right resources to enable them to perform at their peak level. We believe in a strong team where individuals work to enhance the solidity of the team by each contributing with their talent and skills.  Hence we forge an environment which encourages each team member to give their best!
  • Our Vision is to see our group competing on an international level with the best. We envision having our artists reaching Grammy awards level and sharing stages with the best of the best in the world.  We want to see ourselves producing artists that are on par with international standards; hence we work very hard to ensure that our craft, art and production are at a level where no questions can be raised about our quality and merit.
  • Our Mission is to scout talent, develop it and make stars out of young individuals who are hungry for success within the music industry. We have tasked ourselves with the mission of investing our time and resources to achieve this mandate.  Knowing very well that our mission will be fulfilled over time.

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